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For a while, I felt like it was a bit awkward to predict where Alex Killorn’s next contract would fall. I felt like I had a pretty good feel for the dollars in that it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 million when compared to a lot of other players like Justin Abdelkader. Killorn is a better and more consistent player than Abdelkader, yet Abdelkader had gotten a long term deal for over $4 million. So where did that put Killorn?

The other question I had was, how much does the front office and Jon Cooper like Killorn? With the expansion draft coming up next summer, I thought the Lightning could make a strategic play by signing Killorn to a two-year contract and expose him to the draft with the idea that if they wanted him long term, they could sign him to another contract afterwards to extend him even further. With Killorn only being a year from unrestricted free agency, it seemed unlikely that Las Vegas would take Killorn knowing he could walk away after a year.

Then there started to be some chatter from people on Twitter that the front office was really in love with Killorn. That made me think that maybe it was more likely he would get a longer deal. So I started going with either it’s going to be a two year or a five year deal and I’d be happy with either option especially in this price range. While the annual value came out to be more than I initially thought it would be, I’m fine with it. With the signing of the seven year contract, Steve Yzerman firmly stated that Killorn is a core member of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

What I’m not fine with is the term. I think seven years was too long. I really think it should have been a five year deal. Kudos to Steve Yzerman though in getting a modified no trade clause in the contract for the last 3 years. If Killorn stays even mildly productive and healthy, he will be a tradeable asset even at the tail end of his contract. But it still feels like a risk considering he’ll be 33 years old when he finishes the contract.

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