YouTube Tuesday is a weekly feature where we feature a video that has to do with the Lightning or a Lightning player when they were with another team. We may occasionally feature important moments in the world of hockey.

This week’s video is from the Lightning’s opening game of the 2015-16 season at home against the Philadelphia Flyers. Tied 2-2 at the end of the third period, this game would be the first NHL regular season game to go overtime under the 3-on-3 rules. To add to the significance of being the first 3-on-3 overtime, the game also featured a pair of unusual events. The Flyers were added not one, but two penalty shots, one in regulation and one in overtime. The other is Flyer defenseman Evgeni Medvedev who was playing his first career NHL game was called for “Illegal Stick” as he played the puck while holding two sticks. Did you even know that was a penalty?

Anyways, the overtime period resulted in end to end action. Over the course of the season, we would see overtime get a little more calm and collected as coaches and players figured out the best strategies. But absent that, it was a lot of run and gun hockey and at least 3 reported heart attacks in the stand. I’m kidding about that one. Nobody died from overtime… yet…

So check out the video of the first ever 3-on-3 overtime in the NHL.