YouTube Tuesday is a weekly feature where we feature a video that has to do with the Lightning or a Lightning player when they were with another team. We may occasionally feature important moments in the world of hockey.

We’ve all seen this goal before from the TV feed. The game is tied late in the third period against the Montreal Canadiens. The Canadiens are seemingly sitting back just trying to weather the storm and get to the locker room for a break before overtime. Meanwhile, the Lightning are attacking hard. Victor Hedman passes the puck out from the corner towards the front of the net where Tyler Johnson is crashing in and puts the puck in the net with 1.1 seconds remaining on the clock.

You can almost see at this point that the Canadiens will was broken and the Lightning would go on to finish out the series and move on to the next room. This view is quite different from what you usually see in the highlights. This fan was recording from behind the goal and you can see the excitement and the fan reaction in the stands from this candid view.